How to clean a lacquer bag at home?

 Lacquered leather bags are quite popular with beautiful women. It's hard to find a girl who has not diluted her collection of handbags with this bright brilliant thing. They never go out of fashion and fit almost for any outfit. In case of inaccurate or prolonged use of a lacquer bag, spots, cracks may appear on its surface, namely, the coating darkens and loses its original luster. To bring an attractive look to your favorite accessories, you can use tools that are very simple and fast at home.

How to choose a leisure bag.

Wherever you decide to go, and no matter how your vacation, on a trip or trip you will need to take a list of the most essential things. And these things need to be put somewhere.


Men's bag - an indispensable accessory for any man, regardless of age, social status and style in clothing. Today a bag for a man is not just a convenient and practical thing, in which you can put everything you need during the day, but also an important element of the image, an indicator of good taste and respectability.

How to choose a bag?

Properly selected accessories help create a harmonious image. Bags are not only a practical attribute, but also an important part of the image. In addition, the bags have their own fashion, which everywhere is changing every season. To purchase a fashion bag, read the designer's recommendations in this article.