How and what bags to wear with a coat

   The canons of elegance are built on their own rules. Today, designers say that accessories in no case should not pick up the tone to match the main colors of clothing.

How to pick up a bag and shoes?

   The modern fashion is very democratic, it deviate from stereotypes and we do not require strict adherence to the strict rules of "good tone" in choosing the colors of shoes and bags. Now there is no need to combine colors with each other, but freedom of choice often puts a dead end - what still to choose and how to pick up a handbag and shoes for a particular case? After all, the rules of style have remained, and the main ones are desirable to know.

What to wear with a green bag

  Green is the most beautiful color in terms of psychologists. Green calms, relieves nervous tension, apparently, therefore, it is so pleasing to the eye! Many women can not pass quietly past the shop window, where there is a wonderful green handbag.

Bags of unusual shape: originality and extravagance

 Unusual fashionable forms of handbags in 2018 attract those ladies who want to have their own individual style that distinguishes them from other fashionistas. This season, models in the form of a chest or a box have become especially popular, it is they who are more and more often found in the collections of famous designers lately.